#ADORBSBaby of the month! Congratulations Andani Mndaweni

#ADORBSBaby of the month! Congratulations Andani Mndaweni

This month our #ADORBSBaby is Andani Mndaweni. Andani is 3 years old, and she resides in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Her nickname is “Gold” and she was given by mommy’s best friend, Kayise.

Here’s a heart-warming story on the Gold nickname:

Kayise: “I named her Golide (Gold) because when she was born, she brought so much joy to her parents... I figured this baby girl is gold and not just any gold but she's a rare gold stone” 🤩💛

Andani likes to watch YouTube videos and she enjoys educational videos on shapes, colors and how to count. Mommy & Daddy are raising a bright intelligent girl who is very focused and disciplined!

Amongst other things, Andani loves swimming and going to Papachinos (currently her favorite place in the world) 💃

When she was born, she weighed 3.5kg. Her favorite color is baby blue, and she loves ordering strawberry milkshake every time she goes out 😂

Interesting fact about Andani: She can count up to 20 and knows how to sing her ABC’s 📚 Keep up the great job Andani 👏

 Andani was chosen as our #ADORBSBaby as she never disappoints when it comes to giving us content while wearing Adorbs Online clothes on her Instagram page (see below for more details): 

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Thank you, mommy, for helping us get to know Andani. Thank you for the continued support and the love you show us on Instagram. We appreciate it 💗

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