#ADORBSBaby of the month! Congratulations Bokamoso Chanté Mokoena

#ADORBSBaby of the month! Congratulations Bokamoso Chanté Mokoena

Bokamoso, what a beautiful name that holds a great powerful meaning (means "the future")!

This month our #ADORBSBaby is Bokamoso Chante Mokoena AKA Pununu. She got the nickname Pununu from an advert that she loved when she was only 2 months old. Bokamoso resides in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng and is currently 4 years old. Mommy told us that she is a multi-talented child, so we look forward to seeing what she grows up to be.

She loves the classic South African "seven colors" Sunday lunch, yummy! She is also a huge fan of vegetables (super healthy for a 4 year old) and pasta.

One interesting fact is that she can use both her hands! So mommy and daddy are not sure if she's right-handed or left-handed at the moment. Haha… Super gifted! But I bet she is left-handed.

Bokamoso has a strong character, loves to play and she is very strict on what she wants and does not want. One thing about her is that she never lowers her standards. She's very bubbly, outspoken and not afraid to show affection. She also loves being in front of the camera! A great personality indeed 😊

Bokamoso was chosen as our Adorbs Baby as she was seen using our educational toys:

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