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#ADORBSBaby of the month! Congratulations Lé-Wayden Fortuin

This month our #ADORBSBaby is Lé-Wayden Fortuin AKA Wayden. He is 1 year 8 months old and resides in Western Cape. 

Wayden enjoys eating mince and macaroni. Hmmm yummy.

He is still young to know what he wants to be when he grows up, but he's probably also going to be 1 of the great choreographers in the world as he loves dancing and mommy told us that he can dance really good.

Wayden was chosen as our Adorbs Baby as he was seen wearing two of our Adorbs products (boys clothing set white sweatshirt and boys denim jacket), looking all cute and adorbs. 

Do you also want your bundle of joy to be featured on our website & stand a chance to win some goodies?
Simply post a picture/video of your ADORBS baby consuming 1 of our products and tag us in 1 of our social media platforms using the hashtag #ADORBSBaby.
We will contact you if your bundle of joy is selected to be featured on our website.

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